Attorney Hartle, a mother to two children herself, understands that custody can be an incredibly sensitive, emotional and important issue to a family. Attorney Hartle is experienced and excels in handling these custody matters with sensitivity and practicality. She effectively helps clients navigate the custody process with compassion and understanding and she aims to help clients come to a workable custody agreement that serves the best interests of the children involved. However, Attorney Hartle is ready to fight for the rights and protection of children should an agreement not be reached. Custody in Pennsylvania involves both legal custody (decisions about the child's education, medical care and upbringing), and physical custody (where the child is physically present). In determining both legal and physical custody, a court must determine what is in the best interest of the child, and Attorney Hartle can provide the guidance necessary to address these issues in a custody dispute. Attorney Hartle understands that each custody case is unique and requires attention and is experienced and successful at creating customized custody agreements that will fit the needs of the client and serves the best interest of the children involved.

Attorney Hartle is also experienced and able to handle situations where grandparents must intervene and exercise their rights regarding the involved children. She also is able to handle disputes involving parental relocation, in which the primary custodial parent is attempting to relocate out of the county or out of the state with the children. Attorney Hartle handles the following issues regarding child custody:

  • Initial determination of custody and visitation
  • Enforcement
  • Modifications
  • Paternity
  • Relocation
  • Grandparent rights

Attorney Hartle represents both mothers, fathers and grandparents in Venango, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence and Clarions Counties.


Attorney Hartle is experienced at handling the stressful, emotional aspects of ending a marital partnership. She is able to handle divorce cases regardless of the level of income and can help guide her client's in starting the next chapter of their life after the end of a marriage. Attorney Hartle guides her clients to make rational and logic based decisions regarding the various steps in a divorce proceeding. Attorney Hartle focuses on protecting the interests of her clients while finding creative solutions and resolving your divorce in the quickest and most painless manner. Attorney Hartle makes every effort to minimize anger between the parties and to limit any negataive impact on all parties involved, including children. Unfortunately, the reality of divorce and ending a marital partnership, is that agreements cannot always be reached; Attorney Hartle is equipped to deal with difficult situations in a divorce proceeding and move forward in an aggressive manner in order to ensure her client's rights are fully protected.

Attorney Hartle is equipped to handle every aspect of divorce with exceptional communication with the client and offers cost-effective resolutions. Attorney Hartle will handle:

  • No-fault divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • Alimony, spousal support and alimony pendente lite
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Valuation of complex assets
  • Child support and alimony
  • Child custody
  • Tax consequences of support divorce and division of property
  • Premarital agreements or prenuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Issues impacting same-sex couples

Attorney Hartle is able to handle complex, high-asset cases that involve complex property division and complex support matters. Whether a client's issues are complex or they are seeking a no-fault divorce, Attorney Hartle always encourages clients to explore and consider collaborative divorce or mediation. Attorney Hartle believes it is important to attempt a less adversarial solution as opposed to traditional divorce litigation.


Attorney Hartle will guide clients through the adoption process step-by-step with compassionate and keep an open line of communication. She helps clients face the adoption process with confidence and she simplifies the often complex and exhausting process.

Attorney Hartle handles the process of terminating parental rights of biological parents if this is necessary in a particular adoption. Some of the various types of adoptions handles by Attorney Hartle are step-parent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, domestic agency adoptions and private adoptions. Whatever the adoption situation a client faces, Attorney Hartle will handle it with experience, creativity and as expediently as possible.

Legal Guardianship

When a person cannot care for himself or herself the Court is able to appoint a guardian to make decisions for the incapacitated person or minor. In order to become a legal guardian a person must petition the court for this appointment and complete an evaluation process. Attorney Hartle will guide clients through the process of petitioning the court and the evaluation, as well as representing clients in any necessary court hearings regarding the appointment of legal guardianship.

Protection from Abuse

Attorney Hartle is experienced in handling the intricacies and complexities that exist in Protection from Abuse cases in in Venango, Mercer, Crawford, Clarion and Lawrence Counties. She represents victims and defendants in these types of cases.

Representing Victims:

Attorney Hartle represents victims who have filed for Protection from Abuse petitions. She guides them through the potentially intimidating process and represents them in the necessary court hearing or PFA trial.

Representing Defendants:

Attorney Hartle represents defendants who have had a Protection from Abuse petition filed against them. Attorney Hartle is fully aware and is knowledgeable about the consequences of a PFA and how they can affect a defendant's future. She understands what can follow a file PFA order is harsh and long lasting. Final PFA orders can remain in effect for up to three years; that is why it is important to have an ally, such as Attorney Hartle, with experience and ability to fully and zealously represent a client's interests when faced with a Protection from Abuse petition.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Hartle is very experienced in handling criminal cases in western Pennsylvania from her six years as an Assistant Public Defender in both Crawford and Venango Counties. Attorney Hartle believes that listening and communicating with clients is essential for an effective attorney-client relationship. Attorney Hartle will zealously represent clients accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes.

Having the right criminal defense attorney to either fully litigate or help to minimize and negotiate an ideal plea deal is important when someone is charged with a crime in Pennsylvania. Attorney Hartle guides her clients through the purposefully intimidating and complex process that is the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. She can handle any necessary appearance required during the process and is well-equipped to effectively represent clients in criminal trials. Attorney Hartle works with her clients as a team and represents them with a compassionate attitude, respect but will be an aggressive advocate when necessary.

Allied Law accepts criminal cases in Venango, Mercer, Crawford and Clarion Counties.

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