The Declaration of Independence – Not just a Dusty Old Document!

Posted by Allison D. Hartle, Esq.Jul 04, 20220 Comments

Our nation celebrates the Fourth of July with fireworks, food, and drink; however, do we take the time to remember what the Declaration's meaning, purpose or how it touches our lives today? The original writers of the Declaration of Independence drafted the monumental document on July 4th, 1776; its original purpose was to reassure Americans that the fight for independence was worth all the violence, death and destruction caused by war. The Declaration was also used to rally supporters from within the thirteen colonies and abroad. It was further utilized to actualize and consummate the entire purpose of Independence. Hence, we proudly celebrate the Declaration's birthday every Fourth of July.

While the Declaration of Independence is not a document that has laws and statutes written into it, the magnanimous document is the bones and the blood of the laws that affects the modern United States and its citizens. The document was intended to be a affirmation of our freedom as Americans and it was then used as an announcement to the world of the new nation's founding. The document was used to legitimize the infantile United States of America to the rest of the world and it provided our country with “street cred.” The Declaration is an actualization of the American political philosophy; with every war that was embarked upon by the United States, the Declaration serves as a call to defend liberty at home and abroad.

The Declaration's original purpose was specific, however, its meaning and influence is very applicable to our country's modern democratic system. As our democracy comes under pressure at home and from hostile actors abroad, the Declaration is as relevant as it was when originally drafted. The Declaration was crafted to evolve with our country and while our world
is drastically different than the world in 1776, the Declaration's tentacles wrap around us with its originally intended protection.

Nothing can be truer than how the Declaration influences the laws that govern our nation and provide a sense of law and order for the people of the United States of America. As a lawyer, I deal with our country's laws daily. I help my clients navigate through the legal systems, whether it be a criminal, civil, family, or other type of legal case. The Declaration led our nation to freedom and to be able to create and enforce our own set of laws and rights.
Therefore, as ancient and displaced as the Declaration may seem to modern society, its influence trickles its way thru our daily lives.

The team at Allied Law is off today celebrating our nation's independence. We ask that you take a minute to remember the true purpose of this day. We invite you to take a moment to appreciate the founders of this epic document and their fight for our freedom and independence. Please celebrate responsibly, make good decisions, and HAVE FUN!